Business Model


Little Bites is a fresh concept where we have partnered up with local well-established and reputable Indian Restaurants and Takeaway businesses, in a joint-venture, from where our customer's orders are prepared and delivered to their doors. We call these partners ‘kitchens‘ and we currently have many locations across London, more are joining us on a regular basis.

We know that local catering businesses are struggling to make a profit due to some online ordering service providers taking a high percentage of commission.

Little Bites’ model is different. Our joint-venture means that our kitchen partners keep all the profit. Our income is generated through marketing and support service we provide to our partners.

Little Bites’ new approach is to offer a single menu option to our customers. This enables our customers to easily know exactly what they are ordering and ensures they get the same delicious and high-quality food consistently, regardless of which kitchen the food is prepared in and delivered from.

We have taken out all the clutter out of our menu so that our customers do not have to browse through hundreds of items to find what they are looking for!


One of our main aims & objectives of our business model is to contribute to the socio-economy of the Indian & Bangladeshi catering industry which can only be achieved with your support. So, please come forward to support us by ordering your takeaway meals via our portal.

We already have more than 500 workers who are being sustained by this joint-venture scheme. Very soon, this will increase to more than 1,000 workers being sustained. We will continue to expand with a view to making a positive contribution to the catering industry.


Little Bites likes to reward our customers for their loyalty. To show our appreciation for your regular custom, you will get discounts, free meals & participate in prize draws with a chance to win up to £2,500.

There are many stages you can progress up, and at each stage, you will have the chance to collect Little Bites Loyalty Points (LL Points) worth £1.50 per point. Once you have collected the relevant number of points you will be able to redeem them to get free meals and will also be eligible to participate in our regular Prize Draw.

Stage 1:

Order £30 or more and get £3 or 10% OFF. In addition, collect 1 LL Point (min. order £20), each point is worth £1.50. Once you have collected 30 points you can redeem them to get £45 worth of FREE meals. At this point, you will have saved a total of £135 (£90 via 10% discount + £45 worth of free meal (30 x £1.50 = £45)).

Stage 2:

Collect another 30 points and save £90, you can also redeem them to get another £45 worth of meal FREE. At Stage 2, you will have saved a total of £270 (£180 via 10% discount + £90 worth of free meal (60 x £1.50 = £90)).

Stage 3:

Collect a further 40 points and save £120 and get £60 worth of meal FREE (40 x £1.50 = £60)).

Once you have collected 100 accumulative points, you will have reached stage 3. At this point, you will have saved a total of £450 (£300 via 10% discount + £150 worth of FREE meals).

This will also qualify you to participate in our regular Prize Draw with a chance to win one of the £2,500 worth of prizes as follows. Please note, a minimum of 50 participants must qualify to stage 3 to initiate the regular prize draw. Terms & conditions apply.

1st Prize:

A holiday to Dubai (3 days bed & breakfast for a couple) or £1,250 cash.

2ns Prize:

A holiday to Dubai (3 days bed & breakfast for a single person) or £750 cash £750.

3rd Prize:

A family trip to Scotland or £500 cash.